Tuesday, February 28, 2012

University again. OOTD

My first day back at university, I am among students once again.

Today I saw a mixture of clothing, designs and street style. 
I love how when I look around campus I can see such a variety of individuals. 
I feel you can tell a lot about a person based on their clothes. 
Therefore I put a lot of thought into my own outfit. 

This is my fourth and final year at university - and as my lecturer keeps reminding us - we need to act like professionals now. My lecturers will be observing out studying, behaviour and colleague (classmate) interaction. 

I debated between the Jeans and a Jacket Casual formal combo, but decided that looked a bit too professional. So settled on my cute floral shirt, and red cardi combo.
Simple, Tidy, and Cute.

Shirt: Floral fitted shirt Max
Cardigan: Red V-neck cardi Glassons
Jeans: Pale Wash skinny jeans Jay Jays 

Shoes: Black ballet flats K-Mart
Bracelets: Pandora and Chamilia 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Day of Work...

today was my last day of work.
I will be sad to go, as I genuinely do love customer service and interaction.
the Jewellery was beautiful and the other staff Awesome.

there is one girl in particular I will miss.
(but never fear, we have organised to have regular coffee dates)

I decided I might as well leave on a bright note - (a bight orange note)

Jacket: Orange Crop Blazer Dotti
Top: Cream Lace cotton blouse Modcloth
Skirt: Navy pencil skirt Max

Shoes: nude heels (again) Shoe Connection

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chillin' out at the hospital

Unfortunately my younger brother has been pretty sick.
(he's ok now)

so I was requested (by my parents) to go to Wellington Hospital with the family (to act as a Nanny for my other brother) 

this involved much chasing/playing/running/jumping around the outside play ground.

so what better than a comfortable outfit of 
Jeans and a T-Shirt.
(you just can't go wrong!)

I made sure to keep it feminine with my new nude heels (which admittedly I changed out of during the running/jumping parts) and some cute red lip gloss! 

T-Shirt: Gossip Girl (purchased at Warner Bros studio) "One good Scandal deserves another"
Shoes: New Nude Heels Shoe connection

Earrings: Feather plastic drops. Gifted from my Mother from Oosh La La
bangle: Colourful wooden Oosh La La 
Bracelets: Mixture of Pandora, Chamilia and other brands

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shoes glorious shoes...

After my visit to Shannon we drove to Otaki.

This is one of my favourite places, as it is filled with OUTLET shops! 

Although I was in a bit of a rush and didn't have much time to look at all the shops I did manage to snag these deals at Shoe Connection

aren't they super adorable - and so in fashion!! 
(see all the celebs wearing nude shoes!)
(I had been looking everywhere for a nude shoe that a) fitted properlly b) wasn't TOO high a heel, and b) suited my skin tone. 
and here they are!!! 

I also found this cute number for $40.
(admittedly they're a little too tight - but if I wear them in small doses hopefully they'll stretch a little

oosh la la

I was travelling through Shannon the other day and discovered the most wonderful shops.

There is a collection of shops owned by the same lady.
first I entered oosh la la which was filled with wonderful colour full dress, scarves and skirts. All designed and made here in New Zealand!

then I ventured next door, where I discovered Gallery 57  (owned by the same person as oosh la la)
they had such a wonderful selection of Jewellery, art work and hand made pieces!!

my lovely mother bought me this beautiful bangle. (for $2)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Same Dress... New Outfit.

I love this dress! 

I can get so much wear out of it! see my outfit from yesterday I wore this dress to work, and it looked totally different. (I have also previously worn the jacket to create different looks)

I actually had work again today and wore the same dress, no one noticed.

It just goes to show that it's worth having a few items that fit well and are comfortable that you can wear over and over with different looks. 

Dress: City Chic Black dress with lace inserts
Jacket: Dotti Orange Blazer

Tights: razzmatazz Black fishnet style
Shoes: Hannah's Black leather pointy toe
Bag: Modapelle patent leather

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nail Copy Cat... Pretty Little Liars

So this is apparently some new trend. 
To paint a few of your nails one colour, and the others a different one. 

I'm in two minds as to whether it's cool or primary school? this reminds me of something I was doing when I was 12.

I think it can work, I was inspired to try this look after watching Pretty Little Liars.

and my attempt

Today I had work.

Today I had work. 
I need to look presentable, but I still like to keep my own style.

I love Navy Blue, and why not wear it with black!? 
Although you can't see super well these tights have a slight lace pattern on them. 

Dress: City Chic Black dress with Lace insert
Cardigan: Ezibuy Navy Blue drape cardi

Tights: Unknown brand navy blue with lace pattern
Shoes: Hannah's Black leather pointy toe. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Just chilling out

Today I was a little bored.
So when I asked MyLove to take a photo of my outfit today we went a little bit crazy with the photos. 

this is the "Model Pose"
And My Shoes...

I spent majority of the day just lazing around, so forgive my lack of accessories. 

I must say I am pretty pleased with my outfit for today. 
It was incredibly comfortable and apparently looks good too :) 

Typical weather where I live. it's supposed to be summer, Hence the sunnies. 
However it was a rather drab overcast day :(

p.s. I love how the little bit of red in my shoes matched the red of my singlet top so well ;)

Top: City Chic Crochet knit top
Singlet: Glassons red long singlet
Jeans: Max blue denim skinny

Sunglasses: Dior pale pink square frames
Shoes: Hannah's Red and gold flats.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New blue shoe(s)

Fantastic Day today.
Woke up-
Door bell rings- 
Mail man with...

I must say I am extremely pleased with ModCloth. I made a purchase under two weeks ago and was longing for it to arrive and it did! in next to no time. that's great for international shipping! 

Aren't they stunning?
These shoes are amazing. 
they have so much going for them. 
the pictures don't show very clearly how amazing they are. the lining is a blue shimmery (almost tweed like fabric), the heel is a stunning gold patent look and the sole of the shoe has the funky-est design, so when I walk people with want to be seeing the bottom of my foot! 
Although at first these were a little too tight I re-tried them on with some sheer socks and they slipped on easily and the "tweed-y" inside fabric means that I won't slip around even with stockings on.

So as they are my present-to-my-self for today I thought I better wear them.
and what better way to let my shoes make a statement than pair with simple black/white/denim.
The shoes really stand out. 
Matched with my Vera Wang Princess perfume I feel HOT!
Top: The Warehouse (BARGAIN!) sheer black top with lace
Singlet (under black top): Glassons White thin strap
Jeans: (the ever faithful)Jay Jays Pale wash denim skinny jean
Necklace: Beads and Chains (soooo old, perhaps from Diva)

Perfume: Vera Wang Princess (smells so good)

and the Shoes:
Purchased from ModCloth
for an exact pair click here

Monday, February 6, 2012

Work today... Workin' my outfit!

I'm working again today.
A lot of work this week actually.
I love it because I get to dress up much sharper than if I was just going up to university. 
Love the colours in this outfit! 
Pink and orange!!!
Don't be afraid to mix colours!

Jacket: Dotti Orange Crop Blazer
Singlet: Max Sequin and lace pale pink race-back
Skirt: Ezibuy Bubble skirt

Belt: Just Jeans Patent leather look waist belt
Tights: Black Opaque
Shoes: K-Mart Black canvas flats 
Bag: Modapelle Black patent leather
Necklace: Gold and Diamond daisy

Friday, February 3, 2012


This is MyLove
We have fun together. 

Me and MyLove have been together for oneyearsixmonthsandfivedays today.
He is Terrific, Honest, Observant, Marvellous, Amazing and Sexy

He is my favourite.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Average to Chic...

From average to chic
I was just chillin' at home in my "comfy clothes" (Jeans and a T-shirt) then decided to go out... add a jacket, a necklace and a change of shoes, and wah-la chic outfit to hit the shops!

I love how easy it is to dress up a simple outfit with just a jacket and a few accessories.
Overall look... LOVIN' IT

Jacket: Dotti Orange Crop Blazer
T-shirt: Portmans white chiffon and beading
Jeans: Old Navy Crop Dark Denim Jegging

Necklace: City Chic white beads and gold chain with bird
Shoes: Hannahs Floral wedges
Nail polish: Nil - Nail Hardener (OPI Nail Envy)


Me and MyLove were headed out for another walk.
time for another cute outfit!

Top: French Connection White Ruffle Blouse
Skirt: Max Red Denim Mini

Belt: Max Bronze double wrap belt
Shoes: Dolce Vita Black leather flats with Chain detail.

Love this outfit!
New Shoes, New-ish Skirt, and re-discovered Belt. 
It was like I had a shopping spree in my closet! 

would recommend investing in a really funky belt like this. I can wear this with so much! it even looks really funky with the first-wrap-around through the belt loops and the second-wrap-around outside the belt loops.