Friday, March 30, 2012

Ruffle dress with cardi

I got called in to do a few hours at work, and I thought what better opportunity could there be to wear my new dress
This is the dress I mentioned earlier and I am wearing it with the "high neck" side.

Dress: stitch ministry purchased from Farmers
Cardi: ezibuy Navy blue drape cardi
Earrings: Max silver leaf

Nude tights and nude heels (which unfortunately didn't fit in the photo)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reversible dress

I went late night shopping last Thursday,
and got this incredible dress from farmers of all places.
I absolutely love it!
It's cute, sophisticated, and reversible! 

This is the "high neck" side - which I think will be really practical for me to wear to work

This is the "V-neck" side - which is a bit lower, sexier and more ruffle-y - which is great for me to wear out (especially after work! all I have to do is turn the dress around!)

Overall: FANTASTIC purchase, and pretty reasonably priced (if we assume it's like buying 2 dresses)

AND: on a side note, the farmer's interactive catalogue is really cool. you can do things like change the size of the model.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Nails...

a bit of fun on my nails
thanks to Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips.

So easy to get on, and they last for AGES! 
These are Sally Hansen Misbehaved

I later had a play around with some green nail art nail polish...
still need a bit more practice. 

Base Colour: Revlon Pink Orchid (A really sheer pink)
Green Stripe: L.A. Colours Art Deco

Friday, March 16, 2012

My charm bracelet

I love looking at my charm bracelet. 
and thought you might like to too...

here's a few of my Fave's

My phone was broke- and now it's fixed :)

So, after a long day of taking notes in class, on my walk back to my car I felt a dripping on my foot. 
and much to my dismay my bag was leaking...

this is the culprit! 

after panicking about my now very wet lecture notes, I saw my phone at the bottom of my bag! 
drenched in water!! 

to say the least I was not pleased...
but after some research thanks to my friend Mr. Google. I discovered the secret to drying out an iphone is apparently a bag of rice.
I popped my phone in this bag of rice, put it next to the aga, and hooray! 
it is working once again! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My new sunglasses!

yay! New Michael Kors Sunglasses! 
I purchased these a while ago on buyinvite (you might recall my earlier post about online shopping) 
and today they have finally arrived. In a some-what overly large box. 
but hooray! they are here. 
and they look VERY good ifisaysomyself. 

Thank you buyinvite

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nail art?...

So as you may know I have a rather extensive nail polish collection - in fact nail polish is one of those things that when I see a colour I like I just have to buy it! Regardless of whether I already own a similar colour....

I decided to try out a few different funky patterns.

Base Colour: Revlon Chilli 
Yellow: Sally Hansen

base Colour: Revlon Midnight Affair
Pale Blue: L.A. colours Art Deco

Party bags and cute dresses

My Friend is getting MARRIED!!! 
and as the dutiful friend and bridesmaid it was my job (along with another friend-bridesmaid) to organise a hens night!

We decided to have a night of delicious dinner (at one of our favourite restaurants), dirty talk, and silly games.
The Bride-to-be was required to complete different "dares" and in return she would be gifted a "little something" (::cough:: a-thong ::cough::)

She seem to thoroughly enjoy herself, as did I.

Check out the party bags we made for each guest. 
Each bag had: Butterfly shaped bubbles,
Butterfly notebook
hand cream
penis shaped chocolate
a blue condom
a blue candle in a butterfly holder (on the table in front of bags)
a blue bounty bar (on the table) 
and a silver butterfly necklace (on the top of the bag - see the bottom right close up)

and yes: the theme was blue butterflies (you should see the wedding invitations)

oh also;
This is what I wore...
Might as well be nice and bright...
I call it my Blair Waldorf dress (Gossip Girl)
Dress: Beautiful colourful mini dress (Purchased at Neiman Marcus) Leifsdottir
Tights: Black Opaque
Shoes: Purple and Grey suede heels Footloose

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ooth: just uni again

I really liked today.

I smelt delicious and looked good!
This is my favorite perfume! Britney Spears- fantasy, and i just recently got this cute miniature size bottle - perfect for my purse!!

I really like this t-shirt.
It's super cute parrots and sequin's.
I'm colourful, comfortable and sparkly - what more could I want?

**also I'm mega pleased because about 2 months ago this t-shirt was too tight- my diet is paying off!**

Scent of the Day: Britney Spears Fantasy
T-shirt: Sass
Cardigan: Glassons
Shoes: Briarwood

Bracelets: (a repetitive favourite) Pandora and Chamilia Charms

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Online shopping...

I love online shopping.
I mean who doesn't? you can do it any time, from any shop (pretty much), Any where! 

My favourite shops (to note a few) are:
Modcloth -  they are a super cute online store, with a mixture of 50's glam and modern fashion. The shipping was amazingly fast, and you can click on a item you love (that's sold out) to be notified when it's back in stock. There are many reviews on nearly every item, and the customer service is just GREAT!

MaxShop - This is actually the online version of a local shop. I absolutely love going on line looking at the latest styles, then going into the shop the next day to try on the item. Max is a New Zealand brand, which is AWESOME, and has really high quality clothes (although this is reflected in the price).

There are about four sale sites I love:
BuyInvite and NZsale - both these sites manage to source epic sales from epic brands, and allow us (the customer) to purchase products at a fantastic price!
My most recent purchases are some Michael Kors Sunglasses, and a Romeo and Juliet Couture top (more on these when I receive them)
The only down side: It can take a while for items to arrive as they have to wait for the sale to end, then order the item from supplier, and then finally dispatch.

MyHabit - bought to us by is another favourite, and offers again epic brands (this time a bit better known and a bit higher class). Some of my favourite of their sales included; Dolce and Gabbana, Vera Wang and Prada bags.
Of course you have to be in QUICK! and since it's an American site that means me getting up very early.

Reebonz - is a website I have only very recently joined. They again are a sale site, and advertise at selling luxury brands at a discounted price. It is a members only site, and you need to be invited to join. The sales are fantastic! However, the products are a little out of my (student budget) price range.

Finally, Good old ebay and (NZ's version) TradeMe.

I do on occasion shop at other stores online, especially if something is not available in store, or if there are special online only promotions. 
most recently Overland delivered me this beautiful handbag. (after buying on line to enter the draw to win an epic prize) 

Friday, March 2, 2012

OOTD: Thursday the first

It's the first of the month.
Today I have my first tutorial for the year. 
And I wore this blouse for the First time.

Super cute!
I decided to pair this cute - yet somewhat formal - blouse with my faithful "motorcycle jeans" and chucks. 
What better way to spice up a totally feminine blouse? - you'll recall I'm back at university, and I don't want to have that man-she-tried-to-look-cute-by-dressing-up look. I want the man-she's-cute-and-managed-to-rock-that-outfit-with-out-really-trying look. 
So here it is.

Wadda Ya Think?

Blouse: Black blouse with white tie Glassons
Jeans: Cool stitching motorcycle jeans Forever New

Shoes: Black leather high-top chuck taylor's Converse
Belt: Black leather studded weave Some shop in Australia...