Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a pretty boring day... and a pretty bright scarf

Today was one of those I-didn't-get-up-to-much kind of days...
My outfit looked pretty plain and dark- well actually it was nice having the different textures with my mesh top, but It was still pretty dark - so I brightened it up with my new pink scarf.

If only it had brightened up the weather too. Oh well at least I got to keep my scarf on all day.

Top: City Chic Mesh knit short-sleeve top
Under-top: Glassons Long sleeve black scoop neck
Jacket: Rachel Hunter
Jeans: Old Navy These are getting pretty old and baggy

Boots: Hannah's
Bag: Modapelli
Scarf: Freebie From New Zealand Women's expo


  1. Love the meshy top! Very cool. :)

    1. thanks :) I love it so much, I can wear it in summer (With a bright singlet) or winter (With a long-sleeve top)
      I love it when I find tops I love that I get HEAPS of wear out of!