Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just nipping out...

Today was one of those I've-not-got-a-lot-to-do-so-I'll-sit-at-home-and-paint-my-nails kind of days...

But the time came that I did have to 'nip' out,
So I chucked on my favourite K-Mart top (that's my favourite top from K-Mart, not my favourite all round top)
and my exciting new Revlon bronzer along with some other things (yes I need new mascara)

And off I went...

This is agirlwithsomeclothes on a not so prepared day...

Top: K-Mart
T-Shirt (underneath): K-Mart (this is amazing and good thickness and has lasted ages!!! will be getting more of these T-Shirts)
Skirt: Esprit (very old, but SO SO comfy!)
Bronzer: Revlon
Mascara: Mabeline
Lip Gloss: Juicy Tubes by Lancome
Perfume: Britney Spears Circus Fantasy (this is my least favourite (not meaning I don't like it) so I am wearing it often as MyLove says once I've got rid of some perfumes he might buy me some more!)

My most disgusting nails yet... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

So I hope you're not too disgusted by what I'm showing you...

This was my boyfriend's idea... and although they're VERY difficult to type with I think they look really SCARY for Halloween...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bright orange...

It's finally (sort of) Summer!
Bright Clothes and Bright Weather!!! 

Today I wore my some-what-still-new-as-I've-worn-it less-than-twice Orange Top..
Teamed with jeans and some bright beads the perfect introduction to summer look...


Top: Max
Jeans: Jay Jays
Shoes: The Warehouse
Neckalce: Silvermoon
Bracelet: Top Shop

Monday, October 29, 2012

Black and bright

Woah! these are funky nails! 
again some photo I found that for some reason had not yet been published on my blog...

I remember doing this design, and I really liked the final effect...

I began by painting the base colour black with Australis BlackMail, I then Painted white dots on each nail, using Sally Hansen I can't remember the name as I ran out and threw it out.
The coloured dots were then put over the white dots using:
Yellow: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Orange: OPI A Roll in the Hague
Red: Revlon Revlon Red
Pink: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling 

Black and blue take two...

So yesterday I was sorting through my vast amount of clothing...
MyLove kindly came over to help..

Now you may be thinking, 'what do boys know!? I bet he just told you to get rid of everything...'
well actually he wasn't too bad..

I did get a few "I told you so"s... especially when I'd pick up something I've rarely worn that when purchasing I had told MyLove would be "an investment in my future"...

Okay, so I have a lot of investments...

This is an outfit (well top) that I'm not too sure if it should belong in the "keep" or "throw" pile...
what do you think?

Top: Max
Skirt: Max
Cardigan: Glassons
Tights: cannot remember :(
Shoes: Shoe Connection
Bag: Purchased off NZ Sale...

It's very lovely isn't it?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time for something simple...

Photobucket The other day I was actually shopping and saw a glitter nail polish and thought "ooooh that's nice... I'll come back tomorrow and buy it..." I get home and realise I already own it! WIN!

So I decided to use that polish to do a subtle glitter gradient... This is minimalist enough to be worn all day and night!

(To be honest I don't really like the glitter over the pink) but LOVE it on the natural colour...

The colours I used were: revlon, plum seduction (pink); Revlon, Creme Brûlée (brown) and glitter from BYS..

P.s. this is a post from my phone so sorry if it's formatted poorly!

A ruby red guest post..

Well don't I feel popular today!
My second guest post published in the space of two days!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Matching Manicure guest post...


Lovely Floral Top!

New-ish shoes and Cardi

I actually think I bought these shoes and cardigan on the same day and was super excited because they matched so well.

I enjoy my outfit today.
It is actually more formal than the photos make it look - and it's perfect for work! 
The bright pink cardi matched nicely with the flowers on my top and the pink of my shoes! 
Yay for colour coordination! 

Top: Max
Cardigan: The Warehouse
Pants: Max
Shoes: The Warehouse

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shattering comparison...

So some of you may know that I won a crackle polish from Australis!

Today I decided to compare a few shatter polishes.

Left to right is OPI - Black Shatter, L.A. Girl - Black shatter, and Australis - Black Crackle.

I painted them all over white, and all three have the same Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat.

I tried to put on the same amount of each polish.
As you can see OPI (middle finger) is quite a streaky shatter, which in some ways looks cooler, and I think this would look really good if I tried brushing side-ways sometimes.
The ring finger is the L.A. Girl which came out evenly cracked and in a random shape.
Then the pinky is Australis, which has much bigger 'sections' and thicker "crack lines"...

I liked the texture and formula of all the polishes, and think I would probably use Australis the most in the future.

My Favourite Dress in a warm way...

This is my favourite dress! 
(I call it my "Blair Waldorf" because it reminds me of something she would wear on Gossip Girl- it would look better on her of course...)

Today was cold so I decided to warm up my outfit,
and I'm a bit sad because I think it doesn't look super pretty...
and I love this dress and want it to look it's very best!

but the new pink cardi was warm and fun.

Dress: (Purchased at Neiman Marcus) Leifsdottir
Cardigan: The Warehouse
Leggings: Glassons
Shoes: The Warehouse

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A pale gradient and floral manicure

Today I felt like doing a pale feminine manicure...
I wanted to try out drawing on my nails (with pen) - I painted my little finger white then drew flowers in coloured pens..
To be honest I didn't really like the finished look, the nail polish was hard to draw on with out making groves and the pens wouldn't work very well.

But I really liked the pink gradient! 

For the pinky finger I used Revlon Powder Puff (a matte white)
all other fingers were Revlon white on white and Revlon pink orchid.

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Take Two

So Some Blogger friends of mine, Nailed It NZ and From L&P to English Tea, and I thought this could be a fun challenge for the month of December...

It's a great way to get inspired for new nail art designs and keep connected with one another...

any one who is keen can join us! 

just follow the nail art designs for December (it is one a day, but you are more than welcome to start painting now and schedule your posts for the set days...)

It should make for good viewing/reading for all of our fans...

Just put up your design, tag us in your blog post, leave us a comment so we know to check you out also and stick this button at the bottom of the post or on your page.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My new roses top...

I told you I'd do a post on my new top soon...

and what day is better than today,
today is the last day of my degree, I have a full day "contact course" at university.
This will be the last time I see A LOT of people :( 

I will actually be studying still at the start of next year - I have one paper left before I graduate

But today is the last time all my degree friends will be with me...
Quite sad and Exciting - We're so much closer to qualifications! 

Well I wanted to brighten up and romanticist the day,
what better way to do that than with Red and Roses!?


Top: Max
Pants: Max (my new ones!)
Cardigan: Glassons
Shoes: Wild Pair
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen and Revlon

Monday, October 22, 2012

A sneak peak of what's yet to come...

My newest collection of new clothing items.
Very excited!
Three shoes, two tops, two pants and a skirt...
Oh and my little red cardi, my blue jacket and cute belt...
Bring on summer and plenty of cute outfitofthedays


A pink outfit and matching manicure...

My outfit for yesterday with my matching manicure.

I love this outfit because it was casual and comfy, as well as bright and feminine! 

And tinker-bell T-Shirt is always a plus. 

And my new nail polish matches the pink and black perfectly! 

T-Shirt: Disney Store
Cardigan: The Warehouse
Jeans: Max
Shoes: K-Mart
Bag: NZ Sale
Headband: Diva

And I'm super excited to show you;
 I have some new colourful shoes (from K-Mart), some new red shoes (from Wild Pair) and some new pants (from Max)... stay tuned...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is exciting!

Today was very exciting.
When I check the post today not only did I find a bunch of boring letters I found a bulky envelope addressed to me!
and in that envelope was my Australis prize!

Nail Polish! My Favourite!!!! 
Black Crackle and Bombshell

I'm especially please with this as I have been watching the T.V. show Smash, and in the show (potential spoiler alert!) they decide to name the Marlin Monroe Musical "Bombshell"
I think the title is so fitting...
and so is the colour of nail polish.

Because of my new prize I decided to test the colours out right away and do a pink and shattered design on my nails..

Over View of Nail Polish
As you may know Australis has for a long time been one of my favourite nail polish brands.

All of Australis formula is super creamy and easy to apply and bombshell is no different.
The colour was really easy to apply, it wasn't too thick that it stuck to the bottle or brush, but it was still opaque enough to provide a solid colour. 
At first I was slightly concerned as the polish looked a bit streaky when I was applying to my nails, however when it dried (which was quickly I might add) there were no streaks in the finished colour.
I applied two coats (as I usually do for all polish) and was pleased with the opacity of the colour.
Bombshell is actually brighter than the colour looks in the bottle, which is wonderful, and has a slight sheen to it without being overly shiny, which is great if you wanted a more matte look.
After Bombshell I applied Black Crackle. This was awesome.
Now as you may know I am not the biggest "shatter polish" fan, but I was really pleased with how this polish shattered and the finished look.
The formula for this polish is a dryer, thicker feel, but don't let this put you off, I found that once I had a good sized dollop on the brush I could easily cover my nail in one (or two) sweeps- which is what you want to do with crackle. 
I also found it useful that if you put too much polish on the nail you could remove excess with the brush (with no polish on) as the nail polish rubbed off slightly. But beware of this if you're trying to apply a second coat as the brush will rub off damp/tacky not-quite-dry nail polish.

The Black Crackle dried really fast and was fun to watch cracking.

For my left hand (holding the pink bottle) I applied one coat of crackle, and for my right hand (holding the black bottle I applied two coats of crackle- waiting for completely dry in between each coat)

I really love that I can create a different look with one or two coats and will definitely be wearing this look again this summer! 

Check out the complete look...

I was also so pleased that I colour coordinated my outfit to match!!!

I just love pink!

You can read about my outfit soon...

This has been a "Good News Day"...

I am very excited today.
My blogger friend and fantastic nail artist is having a give away!

This is going to be awesome!

and be sure you do!

Epic prize for the winner; including:

China Glaze - Make A Spectacle (Wicked Collection)
China Glaze - Cast a Spell (Wicked Collection)
China Glaze - Bizarre Blurple (Wicked Collection)
China Glaze - Electrify (Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection)
China Glaze - Purr-fect Plum (On Safari Collection)
Set of five dotting tools from Born Pretty Store.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Casual and Comfy...

Keeping it casual today...
Nice and warm with the long sleeve underneath - and it adds a little bit of "funk" with the stripes peaking through...
I love this top because it's a drape-over-the-tummy style, which gives me a bit of a waist when I wear it with a little belt :)

Wearing my super old (and need to be thrown away) shoes
and my special necklace from myLove..

Comfy outfit!!! 
I'm not quite sure if it's spot on trend...

Longsleeve top: Glassons
Purple top: The Warehouse
Jeans: Max
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Belt: Portmans
Necklace: a beautiful gift from MyLove

Friday, October 19, 2012

A gradient dress and a manicure to match

I'm quite excited about this post actually!

I purchased this new max dress recently and just wanted the perfect chance to show it off to all of you...
I was hoping it would be a warmer day when I did get to wear and photograph this but I think the dress looks really lovely layered up in winter or down in summer...

Dress: Max
Cardigan: Glassons
Tights: K-Mart
Heels: K-Mart

this dress is made even more exciting by my matching manicure!! 
I loved this dress so much I was inspired to do a manicure to match..

What do you think!?

I started with a Sally Hansen white base coat (This was the last time I used this baby - I have used it all up!)
Pink coat is Revlon Pink Orchid
Grey is Revlon Midnight Haze

Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Take Two


The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge has been something I've seen around the nail art blogging world for a while now...

Some blogger friends and I thought it could be a fun idea to start a new 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.
We decided to keep some of our favourites from the original challenge and we added a few we thought could be really fun...

There's some very exciting "inspired by..." designs, and I'm excited to represent New Zealand in my country design! 

This is an open invitation for a nail art bloggers and nail design lovers to join us! 

This challenge will run from the 1st of December to the 31st

You are welcome to start painting now and schedule your posts or have a crazy month of December and change your nails every day...

Please tag us in your posts and follow the blogs participating.

comment on here so we know to check out your designs or if you don't have a blog you can upload any images of your nails to Nailed It NZ on facebook.

Enjoy painting,

The Challenge:

To see all the blogs participating see the link at the bottom of each page.
and add your name to join in the fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black and Blue all over...

So Today is another pretty average day.... (Weather wise)
But this cute dress has long sleeves (perfect for a bit of warmth) and a super cute drape/wrap look (perfect for hiding any unwanted fatty parts)...
and it's from my very favourite shop... Max.

Felt like adding a bit of colour, and I absolutely love my blue K-Mart shoes...
So Black and Blue it is...

Hopefully this won't be a foreshadow of what is to come (black and blue for real) but perhaps a gentle reminder to the weather to brighten up a little...

Dress: Max
Cardigan: Glassons
Belt: Portmans
Shoes: K-Mart
Tights: K-Mart

P.S. totally getting my hair cut later... Photos might be a'following...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Testing my pinks

Today I was getting rather bored... MyLove has study to do and rather than spend my time distracting him and helping him fail I decided to re-test and remind myself of the lovely pink nail colours I have :)

Also! I just received an email from Australis saying I've won some new nail polish! :)
Stay tunes to see what they are ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

a summery cross hatched manicure!

Some more nail art to show  you today.
Some of you might be wondering why I know have Nail Art on agirlwithsomeclothes.
Recently I discovered that the iPhone does not have the ability to flick between my two blogs, agirlwithsomeclothes and agirlwithsomenailpolish
So I decided to morph them into one. 

A lot of my instagram friends should find this easier! 

This look I wanted to try after seeing a photo of these cute summer shorts I had a long time ago.
I think the cross hatched colours look really neat together.

This is the perfect summer manicure! 
especially on my short nails! 
And yes, I really need to clean around the nail - but I just wanted to photograph them so bad! 

The Bright Pink is KleanColour Neon Pink
The base white is Revlon White on White
and the pink and green stripes are done with L.A. Colours - Art Deco in Mint Green and Intense Pink

Thursday, October 11, 2012

a White Jelly Sandwich

I always feel like my posts are too short. 
But then I'm never too sure what to write when I'm posting my nail polish...

I got the idea for this "Jelly Sandwich" from a number of different blogs. 
The concept is that you apply a glitter polish sandwiched between a sheer coloured polish.

For this design I wanted to try with my matte while polish from Revlon
Powder Puff
and I chose a glitter polish with bigger glitter chunks and lots of colours so I could see how the colours and shine would change with the white.
I used OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie (The Kardashian Range)

I wasn't too sure when I started but I think I really do like this look.
(It does feel a little thick and heavy though- because of all the coats)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bright and floral!

It is not quite summer yet.
But I'm hoping it's strong on it's way...

I cannot wait to wear bright summery clothes all season long! 
Although, don't tell anyone - but I'm not really a "summer fan".
Sure I love the bright colours and the sunshine and flowers
but I get mega-bad hay-fever! so I'm sneezing and sniffing all over the place,
and I hate being too hot! (I mean there's only so much clothes you can take off)...

But still- Bring on the summer brights!

I decided to brighten up my-pre-summer-life with a bright outfit.
(New-ish top and all!)

Blouse: Max
Jacket: Dotti
Pants: Stax
Shoes: Hannah's - Hush Puppies

and I even painted my nails an orangy tone to match...