Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Down syndrome...

Nails for a Cause! 

So I'm pretty drawn to "nail contest" signs and excitement like that...
So when I saw this nail contest link my excitement was brewing... and when I read the design idea my excitement was uncontrollable!
(nail art for a cause!) 

After reading this blog post I was away from a computer (and my nail polish supplies) for some time... It was a holiday, which was nice, but I was so eager to enter! 
and now I finally can! 

However, how could I choose, there's so many things I'm passionate about... I decided to begin with the most obvious passion of mine

People with Down Syndrome...

I'm assuming most of you blog readers (outside of my circle of personal friends) don't realise why I have an interest and passion in working with people with Down Syndrome. 

I actually come from a large family, with a mixture of personalities and traits.

Three of my siblings have Down Syndrome... 
My older (and actually sometimes much wiser) sister, and my two younger brothers.

It's been a bit of a journey, and my older sister (being older than me) has always been in my life. Therefore I've always assumed this was "normal"... 
She did many things with me, and it was a while before people realised that actually, no, we are not twins...
She is now pretty independent, living in a flat with friends and doing her own thing...

My younger brother was born when I was 9. He was planned. The Down Syndrome wasn't...
I don't really remember the feelings that I'm sure so many people have... 
I was used to Down Syndrome, and to be honest I really couldn't understand what any of the fuss was about.
He was very sick, and this worried me... but now he is one happy, healthy and very energetic boy!

Now to my youngest brother.
 He was adopted when I was 16. I was excited to meet my new brother, and again Down Syndrome was something I was used to, and did not come as a shock to me (as it may to some people). He's a cute little thing, he loves the teletubbies (I did some nail art of those once) and likes to sing and dance to the wiggles.

After all this, all my life, my passion continued to grow, until I decided to do something about it...
My sister, being a teenager, wanted to have some fun, and I being a good sister wanted her to have this chance. 

Thus I began running a youth group for young adults with Down Syndrome. 
This has been epic!
 it has consumed every second Friday night, but in the best way possible! 

Unfortunately my time with this group is coming to an end... 
as you may know I have now got a full time job, and no longer have the time or energy to dedicate to such an awesome group of people. 
I hope the group will go on to have heaps and heaps of fun with out me! 

So today, and for this challenge, I choose to feature the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association logo and colours as my nail art for a cause! 
In Brief, Down Syndrome is random, it is not genetic, it does not "run in the family".
Down Syndrome occurs when a person has three chromosome 21's.

Promoting awareness about Down Syndrome...

This is the NZ Down Syndrome Association logo - it features three chromosomes (who look just like a family)

These are my fancy nails! cool right?
They feature Chromosome people, and the NZDSA logo 

thanks for reading a little snippet about my life.

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  1. Wow... this is truly inspiring. Thank you for telling us about this. I gotta find some kleenex now... :')