Tuesday, March 5, 2013

another nail art tutorial....

So this Money Smart Nail  art competition got me thinking...

and the majority of my nail art I do is by using things around the home...

It has only been in the more recent times that I have learnt about, and bought different nail art tools and supplies...

so on that note, here's another nail art trick that I had been wanting to try for sometime...

It's making "nail art stickers" or transfers... (You know, like Sally Hansen does)

This is a great way to make a really details precise design without having to try and paint directly onto your nails and smudging it everywhere! 

This is what your end result may look something like...
For this I used, 
Revlon White on White Nail polish
Revlon Revlon Red Nail Polish
OPI A Roll in the Hague Nail Polish
3-4 Toothpicks
Seche Vite Top Coat
Tweezers and cotton buds with nail polish remover for clean up.

Here's an over view of the tutorial (for those who want to avoid the photo bomb!)
a more detailed tutorial as follows....

And here's a little bit of detail!

I hope you found this useful! 


  1. Wow! That's such a great idea, I'm really inspired to try it! Your tutorial is so great xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply! (that's what I get for not going on my computer often enough, whoops) and thanks for such a positive comment :) I hope you do try it and post some pictures... I'm thinking about using this technique to try and copy fonts or small icons and pictures... that could be coming up next ;)

  2. SUPER COOL!!!! :D I love this!

    1. thanks! yeah I went a little over board and was like "hmmm... what can I do for money smart nail art that's easy at home nail art..." and I'd ALWAYS wanted to try this, and I've had so many people (in the past) saying they liked my nails but could never be able to paint straight onto their own nails... so this is a way of easying it up ;)