Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nail mail / photo spam

Over the past two days I received a pretty decent nail mail haul! 
See all the pretties below! 

I will post more images once I have worn all the pretties! 

And now for all the photos!
Swatches and bottle shots 



Monday, November 18, 2013

Nail polish haul

You may remember I mentioned my make-up haul yesterday.
I did a few swatches of the make-up I got,
and today I want to show you all the polish... 

and here you go

OPI: In My Santa Suit
This one I had been eyeing up for a while. I've seen a few swatches and really liked the vibrant shimmer 
When I saw this at the cosmetic sale I had to have it!

OPI: Extra-va-vaganza
I did not swatch this one... because have you ever tried to take off glitter in a hurry!?
Also, I have done a manicure with this polish (in a gradient design) blogpost to come.

This one, and the one below were both purchased from a friend during her destash.

OPI: Excuse Moi! 
This one again I didn't want to swatch as I was not in the mood for a long removal. 
This one is a pretty dense looking glitter, with a red jelly style base- well as far as I can tell.
I'm looking forward to using this one! 

OPI: Incognito in Sausalito
I purchased this one at the cosmetic sale too...
I have been lemming after Butter London "Royal Navy" and always on the look out for a similar shade. 
I love this navy blue!

China Glaze: Holly-day
I just love the name of this!!! I'm such a Christmas Aholic, and cannot wait to get Christmassy and do Christmas nails...
You can see my Christmas nails as part of the "12 Days of Christmas Challenge"
This colour should be perfect for that!
purchased from the cosmetic sale. 

Australis: Carnivale Chaos
Super cute glitter topper. This comes out pretty dense and I did a pretty cute gradient mani with this polish.
I purchased this one from K-Mart, following a destash of my own. You will see from my make-up haul that I received a lot of Australis make-up from NZ Sale, and I did not buy any nail polish (I was trying to be good), I regret that decision, but thank goodness K-Mart sells cheap Australis. 

Australis: Frisky Feathers
Bought from Australis too. 

Revlon: Neon Nail Art
This one I think was designed as a quick nail art tool. I was expecting to see a thinner brush in one of the ends, but both were the same. The pink is much brighter over the white, and I think this would be awesome and easy (with the slightly smaller than typical brush) with some masking tape and a geometric design.

What are your thoughts?
You like any of then? Already own any of them?

Outfit of the Day / Oh My Spotty!

What a spotty look...

This was a little bit of fun to attempt those overlapping prints. 
I love this top. I love these tights. Perfect mix.

Also this epic necklace which my friend made me.

Top: Glassos
Cardigan: Valley girl
Skirt: Max
Shoes: Shoe Connection
Belt: Max (Maxshop)
Tights: Paddy's Market - Sydney

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Make Up Haul!

My first blogged make-up haul!

check out my newbies below.

have you tried any of these before?

Close ups and swatches below
in no particular order

Australis: Fantasy (bronze) and Baby Doll (pink) - blush
Purchased from NZ Sale

Elizabeth Arden: Wild Winterberry - Exceptional Lipstick
Purchsed from grabone

Mariah Carey: Forever - perfume
Purchased at the "Big Brand" sale

Revlon: Colourstay liquid eyeliner
Purchased at the big make up sale

Australis: A-Lister Sista - Paparazzi Perfect Eye Shadow
Purchased from NZ Sale - and arrived last week.

Australis: Supernova Casanova - Double Decker eyeshadow
Purchased from NZ Sale

Maybelline: Pink Sand Lipstick
Purchased from K-Mart

Australis: Paparazzi Perfect Foundation
Revlon Colourstay Whipped Foundation

Rimmel London: Rouge Lipstick
purchased from the make-up sale

Elizabeth Arden: Maximising Volume Mascara
Purchased at the epic make-up sale

Australis:Paparazzi Perfect - brightener 

And then there's the nail polish I bought on top of that! 

Stay turned for more haul pictures....

The "12 Days of Christmas Challenge" is coming!

You may recall, last year I completed the "31 Day Nail Art Challenge"

well this year we have the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Bloggers Jessie, from Nailed It NZ, Anjali from From L&P to English Tea and I thought we could do another, more realistic challenge.
and thus, the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge was born....

we would love for you to join us. 

there will be a special linky thing at the bottom of each post to link up your blog.

or post your picture on facebook and tag one of us so we can check it out.

Also, here's a button if you want to add this to your blog to show your support.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Bright Baby!

Woooohoooo  Bright Baby! 

I love this!!! 
clashing colours is my style, and what's better clash than Pink, Orange and Red

Bring it on Summer! 

also this outfit was like super comfortable and quite appropriate for work. People won't be forgetting me today. 

What do you think?

Top: Glassons
Cardigan: The Warehouse
Pants: Postie
Shoes: possibly ShoeBox in Australia
Belt: Max
Necklace: City Chic

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nails of the Day / Deep and Glossy

I feel like these are Super fun and elegant! 

I absolutely love these!!!! 

but, Let me know what you think....

Sally Hansen Glossy
LA Colours, Art Deco, Gold Glitter (I don't know the actual name)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfit of the day / orange and ballet

Comfortable and Chic today...

I really have a love for this top, although occasionally an unsure feeling about how much I like it... 

I really love the colour, I like the mesh style, but sometimes I question if the shape is just too plain and boring... I mean it is a pretty T-Shirty shape...

But hey, I think it works like this.

and hey, Who doesn't love this necklace!!!!?
Top: Max (Maxshop)
Cardigan: Glassons
Pants: Dotti
Boots: Hush Puppies
Necklace: Colette 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Outfit of the Day / Orange and Green

Some days I just put clothes on, with out really thinking about it...
I grab what feels comfy and go with it...

Today I did just that, and actually, I think it really worked.
The top is a sheer black, and usually I wear it as just that with a black singlet, but today, wham! orange singlet instead.

I like that the Orange is not too bright... I think it really compliments the green because of this. All black with this green cardi can make my outfit look very dark indeed.

What do you think?

Top: The Warehouse
Singlet: Glassons
Cardigan: The Warehouse
Skirt: Glassons
Leggings: Farmers
Shoes: K-Mart

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nail Polish Comparison / OPI vs China Glaze

So for a long time I had been desperately wanting OPI: Uh Oh Roll Down the Window,
one day I spied China Glaze: Westside Warrior going cheap and thought I'd give that a go as a good alternative.

It seemed to be a close enough colour and managed to tide over my Uh oh Roll Down the Wiindow craving.

Now I own both! 
I spied OPI going cheap and that was the first on my list so I bought it!

Now I can really compare the two.

OPI: Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window 
First of all we have all heard of OPI. We know it is a top notch trust-worthy brand, and usually rather expensive (well here in NZ).
This is no exception.
The formula is nice and opaque with a good smooth consistency. I have had this bottle sitting around for a few months now and the formula was still smooth and easy to spread on my nail.

China Glaze: Westside Warrior
China Glaze may not be a brand too many of you know. Prior to my serious nail polish days I definitely had not seen it around (mind you there's not a lot in Palmy, NZ)
I have grown to love China Glaze and have relied on it as one of my go to trust worthy brands.
This formula does not let me down!
I have had this bottle for a while and I did notice, prior to shaking it up for today's post, that there was some apparent separation going on, just a slightly dark film across the top, perhaps about a 2mm line of dark green above the rest of the polish formula. 
A good shake sorted this out, and it definitely was not the crusty film you get from some polishes left over time.

side by side
As you can already see there is a colour difference. While it is not major, side by side it is most certainly see the difference in colour.
The OPI is slightly lighter and the China Glaze a bit darker and more khaki.

both formula's were great!
very opaque, full coverage in two coats

below are photos in different lighting to hopefully give you a fair idea of the colour.
on plastic swatching sticks with no top-coat.

So we can see there is a difference in the colours. The China Glaze is probably cheaper to add to your collection, but go with the colour you like most! 
I think it's highly unlikely you will need both polishes in your collection, but hey, I can't talk - I do have both...

What do you think?
I'd love to hear which one you would choose...