Franken Swatches

My Franken Polish Swatches
Franken Nail Polish is made from mixing different nail polishes, coloured pigment, and/or glitter.
The aim is to create a unique colour.

Franken Polish 

Franken Polish 
My boyfriend helped design the colour

Nude Glitter - Franken Polish 
one of my favourite childhood book characters, she was very cute and cheeky.

Stone Grey and Bright Green - Franken Polish
named after Medusa who turned people to stone and
Monika who was known as the green lady seen in lots of prints/pictures in England.

Pale Blue slight shimmer - Franken polish
This reminded me of the colour of the dress Cinderella wears to the ball in the Disney Classic. 

Pink slight shimmer - Franken polish
This reminded me of the character in Horton Hears a Who called Jessica. 

Lisa and Bluebell
Lisa Dark Purple with orange shimmer - Franken polish
This is a polish I made for my friend for her Birthday
Bluebell bright(ish) shimmery blue

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